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building a shed

Erecting a shed or summerhouse is definitely not beyond the means of any DIYer, especially if you follow the guidelines set out below. In many cases we can arrange a professional erecting service for your chosen building, but if we can't supply this service in your area, or you would like to do it yourself, then follow the guidelines below. Here we show you how to build a standard 8x6 timber apex shed, but the same principles apply to most of the garden buildings we sell.

Before you start :

You will need two people to erect a shed.

Make sure there are no underground cables or pipes in the area you are digging, seek expert advice if necessary.

On a hard standing area, such as tarmac or concrete, we recommend the use of 75mm x 75mm tanalised/pressure treated wooden bearers to elevate the floor from any drainage or standing water. A paved site usually allows excess water to drain away naturally between the slabs.


Tools required for assembly:-

4.5mm drill bit (battery operated drill recommended)
Screwdriver (pozidrive)
Stanley Knife
Step Ladder
Paint brushes (for treatment)

To construct a 2.43m x 1.86m (8'x6') slabbed base:-

30 paving slabs (450 x 450mm)
6x25kg concrete sand
1x25kg Portland cement
Spirit level, Rake
Pegs and string
Tape measure
Spade, Rubber Mallet
Sweeping brush


Decide where to position the shed. Allow enough distance from hedges or fences
for easy access to all sides. Using pegs and string,
mark out a square larger than the area of the shed.
An 8'x6' shed will require an area of approximately
2.7 x 2.25m.
Measure diagonals to ensure the area is square.
Strip the topsoil and dig out to a depth of 70mm
to accommodate the base.
Level the area and
remove the pegs.
Use one part cement to eight parts concreting
sand for a dry sand / concrete mix.
Spread evenly to about 42mm depth, raking to level.
Starting from a corner and working outward tap down on the centre of
each slab with a rubber mallet.
Using a spirit level,
ensure all the slabs are square, level and firmly butted together for a solid base.


The completed base should now be level and
square. Brush off any excess dry
sand / cement mix, which could hinder the levelling of the shed.
For added protection, we
recommend applying an
additional coat of wood preservative to the underside of the floor before assembly. Study the erection instructions and prepare tools and fixings.
Position the floor
centrally on the base.
Consider the location of doors and windows.
As per instructions, fit the back gable onto the floor and secure to a plain side.
Using the same
procedure fit door and window sections,
ensuring they are flat to the floor and the sides are square.
Nail the bottom rails of the sides into the bearers of the floor as directed.
Position the roof
sections, locating roof purlins into the cut-outs in the front and rear gables.
Square roof sections
with the building, leaving an even overhang front and rear. Fix roof and walls as per


Position the first lengths of roofing felt along the lower edge of the roof
section, with equal
overhang at ends and covering the bottom edge of the roof framing.
Secure with felt tacks, making sure that the felt remains flat.
Repeat procedure for
opposite side.
Position centre piece
with equal overlap on
either side. Secure
along overlays with felt tacks at around 100mm intervals to prevent lifting.
Fit corner trims, fascia boards and finials and trim any protruding felt
for a clean finish.
It is advisable to treat glazing bars and rebates
prior to glazing.
Position glazing panels into rebates and secure with glazing beads as per instructions.
Finally apply a quality timber treatment.

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All products are delivered sectional/flat-packed to kerbside unless stated otherwise. Delivery times and sizes given are approximate and are intended only as a guide, you should contact us prior to purchase if you have any queries regarding the dimensions or if you require precise sizes (although please note that we are unable to be exact as manufacturers allow a tolerance of +/- 1.5mm when machining). Please read our terms and conditions before ordering. For a long lifespan, you should treat your timber products regularly with a high quality preservative. Moisture dictates the amount that wood expands and contracts, and natural cracks and knots may appear. This is a completely natural occurrence which gives wood it's unique character, and is not be classed as an imperfection or flaw. Generally, plastic or metal sheds are not supplied with a floor as standard, and may be prone to condensation.

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